Here are some things about Dwight Sanford that you might like to know (or not).

Dwight Sanford is a fun loving kind of guy with a very unique sense of humor (that sometimes people don’t get) who looks for the funny part of everything and has a ball pointing out the dumb things that people say and do.  He grew up in a very small community called “PunkinCenter” in extreme North Georgia.  He started playing guitar at the age of five when his mother, Audrey, would sit him on the bed, place the instrument in his lap, and teach him little songs like “Chewing Chawing Gum”.  His hand was too little to reach the fret board so he noted it with his thumb.  Folks were amazed at how he could play with just his thumb at such an early age.  His mother taught him to sing harmony a bit later in life and he now has an acute understanding of vocal arrangement.

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He has never been fishing or hunting.  He has never smoked, drank alcohol, or taken drugs.  He has never even drunk a cup of coffee!

Since 1977 he has been a full time school bus driver and is a retired Lieutenant of the Ellijay Police Dept. He also likes motorcycles and hiking.

His all time favorite band is THE BEATLES!!!  Merle Haggard, Harry Chapin, Jackson Browne, and the Staple Singers are all close seconds. He’s been in more groups than you can shake a stick at, playing various instruments at different times. He has raised more money for such causes as the American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society, and just people in need at local benefits than probably any one individual who was never heard of. He has a love for music that no one could ever imagine.  He plays a huge variety of instruments, but the guitar is his first love and main interest.

Today, he writes original music and runs a recording studio named “Oakleaf Studio“, named after a very large leaf his father George Amon Sanford gave to him after finding it in the woods many years ago.


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