Located at the foothills of North Georgia’s beautiful Fort Mountain is Dwight Sanford’s recording studio “Oakleaf Studio”.  It was founded in 1997 with the help of a good friend by the name of Johnny Deal.

The Studio started out with a Tascam sixteen track analog reel-to-reel machine (which is still in place for those analog lovers) and has now advanced to all-digital unlimited tracks and a universe of tools, effects, and instruments.  It has three different sound rooms for complete separation of sound management and control.  A wide selection of microphones is available for various applications.  Oakleaf Studio is equipped with all Monster cabling for perfect transfer of digital signal.

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The setting is rustic with antiques (properly placed) that came from Dwight’s grandparents handed down from his mother, father, uncles, and aunts through the years that are interesting to see and hear about!  Since the opening of the studio it has produced fifty-two albums and has had zero complaints.  The main focus of Producer/Engineer, Dwight Sanford, is to keep it real and true to the artist. A highlight in the studio’s history is when the Legendary Rodney Mills (the man who engineered and produced Ronnie Vanzant’s Sweet Home Alabama in 1973) dropped in one afternoon!!!  Artists from Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisianna, Tennessee,  and even as far as Nebraska repeatedly record and mix at Oakleaf Studio… and they all agree the atmosphere is down-home while the quality is up-town!


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